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DSP Laser was established in 2010. After relocating to Georgia, the founder was
seeking a unique business opportunity that would allow him to use his technical
background without the confines and restrictions that he had experienced in
Corporate America. In researching different avenues and opportunities,
laser engraving presented itself as a unique option.

The company began in a spare room of a home and quickly outgrew the limitations
of a home business and moved into its first retail location a few months after
purchasing their laser system. Through the process of learning all of the capabilities
of the new laser, it was discovered that it was possible to engrave the stock of a shotgun.

The focus of the company began exploring other options that could be used on firearms and associated
accessories to allow its customers to personalize these items at a very
reasonable cost. After being profiled in numerous National magazines, DSP began
expanding its customer base throughout the United States and continues to provide firearm owners with
numerous options from simple ATF required identifiers to high quality
custom pistol grips. After obtaining their Federal Firearm License they began other gun
related services that now allows DSP to assist their customers with purchases,
transfers and now with the latest expansion has a full time, certified gunsmith on site.

In addition to the firearm customization, DSP continued to offer their customers
laser engraving on just about any material or items that range from a simple
monogram to detailed photo engraving and continue to grow this side of the
business and provide services to their customers that allow the company to offer
services that appeal to a very diverse customer base.

At the end of 2015, DSP Laser acquired the assets of a rotary engraving company
that had been in business for over 30 years (previously Martin Rubber Stamp and Engraving)
that focused on rubber stamps, notary seals and engraved nameplates and signs.
After realizing that this equipment could help DSP continue to expand the services that
they could offer to their existing customers as well as attract new customers.
By combining laser and rotary engraving, DSP Laser has become a one stop location
for all of your engraving needs.